Most Discussed Blog Posts of 2008

Most of you read Bamboo Nation voraciously but lurk in the background, so I don't know who you are and I can't stalk you. Once in a while, you'll come out of the shadows and join my regular commenters (mad props, yo!) and help keep the discussion going on a particularly provocative post.

Which posts were you all most vocal about in 2008? Well, here are the top ten most commented blog posts of the year, as of this writing. I suppose I have a couple more weeks to bait you, but I'm impatient.

An Open Letter to My Gay Friend; or Gay Marriage Is Not About Marriage, wherein my wayward friend and Proposition 8 get a beating.

The Most Important Poll in Bamboo Nation History; Plus, Reaching Into My "Blue's Clues" Memory Bank; or Steve vs. Joe, wherein I make a case for Joe (unsuccessfully).

My Facebook Dilemma, wherein I ponder whether or not to de-friend a friend.

"High School Musical 3": The Gayest of Them All, wherein I explicate the gayness.

Sweet. Bitter., wherein I soothe jangled nerves after Prop 8 passes.

What's Your Favorite First Line From a Song?: The Official Thread, wherein we all share with each other.

A Place Where Nobody Dared to Go, wherein I visit the Playboy Mansion by way of Diablo Cody. Tied with:

"Laundromat" Now on Cable AND Online!, wherein you watch me act.

Holy Crap, wherein Jesus freaks sing and dance (but have since pulled the offending video off the Internet, sadly). Tied with:

Live-Blogging The Sarah Palin Comedy Show (AKA the Vice-Presidential Debate) on October 2, 2008, wherein I have a rollicking ol' time.

...Deserving an honorary place on this list is my op-ed piece on gay marriage for Asian Week, which yielded a 40-comment thread: Why Gay Marriage Is an Asian-American Matter.

...FYI, the most commented post of all time on Bamboo Nation is, of course, How Gay Is "High School Musical"?, with 76 comments and counting. (And in the "all time" category I would be remiss not to mention "High School Musical 2": Chock Full of Gay, which resides elsewhere with 1,893 comments.)


  1. I love the word 'wherein.' It's underused and underrated.

  2. Whatever happened with the de-friending dilemma? Did you de-friend them or not?

  3. Yeah, did you de-friend the fella?

    And were there ever photos from the party? Heee!

  4. Thanks for summarizing. A nice way of wrapping up the year.