My Top 10 Favorite YouTube Videos of 2008

I posted several hundred videos on Bamboo Nation in 2008, so it took me a whole afternoon to whittle them down to my ten favorites. It's a terrific mix: some funny, some bizarre, some cute, and one that made many weep when I initially shared it.

You can navigate forward and backwards to the different videos by clicking the arrows in the video player. I have also listed the videos below by title and have included an external YouTube link. Enjoy. Watch:

A Chimp Smells His Own Butt and Then Faints (Yes, this footage has been around for years, but I do believe 2008 was the first time it was set to "Manamana.")

Sharon and Fred Ask, "Who Needs a Movie?"

Dancing, Singing Christians Claim "The Renewed Mind Is the Key"

Sonseed's "Jesus Is My Friend"

La Pequeña Sarah Palin

A Fat Cat Dives Into a Box

John McCain Gets Barack-rolled

Fifth Grader Interviews Joe Biden

Hamster On A Piano (Eating Popcorn)

"Stand by Me" Performed by People Around the World

Do me favor? If you ever come across a video that you think I'll like or that you think I might want to share with Bamboo Nation readers, please let me know! E-mail me or use the handy submission form (linked in the sidebar)—you may even submit anonymously. Your help is greatly appreciated. I want to make 2009 the best ever for videos on Bamboo Nation!


  1. How did I miss Sharon and Fred the first time around? That was pure gold... though I think my IQ dropped from having heard them talk. They make dish-soap look enthusiastic.

    Good picks, Prince.

  2. Misty, oh, that Sharon and Fred video makes me laugh hysterically no matter how many times I see it! I'm laughing right now just thinking about it!