Prince on the Hot Seat, Virtual Absurdity, 12 Hunky Asians and 12 Hunky Mormons

A few posts I wrote for The Bilerico Project are now live—one's unintentionally controversial, one's a bit absurd, and one's full of hot men:

In "Tel Aviv Has Balls," I wrote about gay Israeli athletes, used the phrase "hunky Israeli soldiers" in reference to a movie I saw, and mentioned that gays served openly in the military in Israel. Because I chose not to reference the current Israeli military attacks in Gaza and because I chose to move forward with the light-hearted post, in the comments section I've been accused of bad timing, insensitivity, being offensive, and a number of other charges. Anyway, the thread is pretty interesting because it deals with issues of journalistic etiquette and has evolved into a discussion about Israel, world military powers, LGBT responsibility, and my supposed disingenuous response to comments.... Now I may have committed a journalistic faux pas—but seriously, folks? Seriously?

In "Unintentionally Homophobic, Virtually," Sony's virtual world of PlayStation Home comes under attack for denying users the ability to use words like "gay," "lesbian," and "bisexual."

In "12 Hot Asians and 12 Hot Mormons Walk Into a Bar...," I write about hunky calendars—perhaps the most imporant post I have ever written for The Bilerico Project.

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