Marky Wahlberg Pisses in Public

After picking up a few pointers from Prince William's outdoor-pissing playbook, Marky Mark decides to seek relief on a public sidewalk. However, he loses major points for not turning his naked man-spear to the camera:

What a freaking cocktease! Perhaps the 13 inches of prosthetic dick he wielded in Boogie Nights has given him some kind of complex? I don't know.

I will note here that in a red-carpet interview at the premiere of Max Payne, he claimed that he needed some discipline in his life. I'll say. Watch:

...Now as delightful as I think celebrities pissing in public are, I suspect some of you find it all rather uncouth. Sometimes I do too. Perhaps Prince William and Marky Mark should get some tips from Shimajiro, who, even as a tiger cub, knows that wee-wee belongs in a toilet?

[Thanks to Ashley Aguirre for sending me this.]

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