Shimajiro's Tummy Feels Strange, Part 2: The Public Toilets Edition

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, December 04, 2008
Once again, in the fine tradition of animated Japanese toilet training videos for kids, Shimajiro (who most recently learned to piss and crap properly at home) now gets schooled in the fine art of taking a dump in a public restroom. If there's something more disturbing than watching a pants-less cartoon tiger squat over a Japanese toilet, then I don't know what it is. Watch:

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  1. wait a minute, are you telling me that if you go #2 in a public bathroom in Japan, that you have to poo in a trough? What IS that thing? I wouldn't know how to use it either!

    That does it, cross Japan off the list of places I want to travel.


  2. Yes, TBP, you have to squat like a common hobo to take a dump in Japan. Please make a note of it.


  3. diana Said,

    My sister's niece is 3 years old, and the Japanese method of potty training is...gross. She says they used to strip the kid naked from the waist down IN THE LIVING ROOM (in front of everyone! Even non-family guests!) and urge everyone to tell her she's a good girl, so she'll poop (on the toilet). GROSS.


  4. Marisela Said,

    Thanks you, Prince! I laughed so hard I almost emptied my bucket.


  5. Now, Diana, you need to learn to be tolerant of other cultures! (Even if they're fucked UP.)

    Marisela, I can just picture you sitting there laughing when they show that shot of the tiger's ass! Ha ha ha!


  6. i can answer that question what's more disturbing: a poop with a smiley face. ew!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    here's the Shimajiro christmas tree song


  8. Anonymous, thanks for the link. I love Shimajiro!


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