Softcore Ballet, Part 2

Remember Roberto Bolle, the hot Italian dancer who does softcore ballet? Please take a moment to thank the European press for snapping photos of him suntanning with a gentleman friend:

Thank you, European press. You are so very good to me.


  1. I've seen better....

    *buff nails*

  2. i can't imagine what neighborhood you live in CDO, i have been on the planet a long looooong time, and i have rarely seen his equal. at least for the type of body dictated by dance. ian roberts is a fine specimen, but that's apples and oranges.

    thank you prince, i only wish there had been more shots from that day.

    (and who was the other guy?)

  3. Jack, well, as a matter of fact, TCDO is from Malaysia! That have very different standards over there, apparently. :) But I know she loves Clive Owen, and I won't argue with her on that point!

    But back to the subject of Roberto Bolle...AMAZING! Maybe it's a gay thing? :)