Sophisticated When They Want to Be (Which Is Rarely)

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, December 02, 2008
The dynamic literary duo of Scott Heim and Michael Lowenthal, both of whom have often attempted to lead me astray (Scott, how about another road trip?!), is in the news lately, and you should take note. Scott... one of this year's Out 100. Check out his profile. (You can also see him speak briefly in this Out 100 promo video, at about the 2:50 mark).

Michael... one of 26 writers who was asked to pen a letter to President-elect Barack Obama for The Advocate. Michael's is quite lovely. Check it out.

I love these guys. Even if they are novelists.
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  1. Stephanie Said,

    Michael's letter in The Advocate was great. Just out of curiosity did you check out Melissa Etheridge's letter? Seems kind of like a wasted opportunity, doesn't it? (That's my polite way of saying 'it sucked.')


  2. Annie Said,

    I'd like to see your letter to Obama. Why don't you write one and post it here?


  3. Yeah...I'm with Annie on this one.


  4. Stephanie Said,

    Oookay. Perhaps I was a bit too flippant with my dismissal of Melissa Etheridge's letter to Obama. That's my usual tone for this blog, but not a useful justification. However, I still hold my opinion, which I feel I do not need to justify with my own letter to Obama. Instead I offer a more thoughtfully expressed critique.

    I think her letter lacks nuance and is sentimental. I think the sentence "Do not let the multinational corporations that rule the world rule you too" presents an overly simplistic world view that is in no way useful to any President-Elect. I think the sentence that follows, "Go down in history as the leader of change that saved the world," sounds like a regurgitation of his campaign slogans. We're onto policy now, not campaigns. If it is meant to be elegant, like the writer I know that she can be, I think it misses the mark. In sum, I think the letter is meant to strike an emotional note that I just don't feel because the sentiments are just too generic to be moving. I think she can do better.

    But as always, I'm open to having my mind changed, so what is it that you two like about her letter?


  5. Stephanie, I think Annie and TCDO are actually referring to ME writing a letter. :)

    As for Melissa Etheridge, it is rather underwhelming--she's a songwriter, after all, and this is not her medium. You might appreciate a comment someone left on that site:

    I'm sure Melissa E. is a kind, wonderful human being, but.... "Go down in history as the leader of change that saved the world." ??? I laughed so hard my husband asked me what was wrong when he saw the tears!!


  6. Stephanie Said,

    Ohhhh! Well now I feel even more moronic than I did a few hours ago. I'll just be quiet now and go back to my blog. Just ignore me! I was never here!


  7. Stephanie, no, stay, it was honest mistake! And I bet there ARE people out to get you...somewhere! :)


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