"Stand by Me"...Around the World!

The following beautiful, cry-worthy video (I challenge you NOT to tear up!) is in the same family of that guy who danced around the world with people in 42 different counties and that other guy who performed "Thriller" a cappella—in 64 parts. This here is a cover of Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" performed by musicians in several countries, who added parts to the song as the filmmaker travelled the globe. Amazing. Watch:

Wow! Right? The video comes from a documentary titled Playing For Change: Peace Through Music. To learn more about the organization, visit Playing for Change.


  1. i DID tear up, of course. But why did i? it's emotional, moving etc...prince, i wonder what the outcome would have been if you didn't mention that it could make me cry...you know what i mean? does the suggestion that it will make you cry PUSH that response to the surface? it just makes me wonder....is it a pavlovian type of thing? what an interesting experiment that would be!

  2. Yeah, WOW*.

    *(That goes for Zac & Leo, too.)

  3. MK, I'm going to experiment in the future and NOT lead the witness and see what happens. But I think this clip is genuinely moving because I saw it independent of anybody saying I would cry.

    Kate, Zac and Leo make me cry too...tears of lust!

  4. This won't make you tear up, but it's just as heart-warming in my humble opinion: