Surrogacy: When Sticking Your Penis Inside a Woman Is Not an Option

This week's issue of People features an exclusive photo of hunky Latin singer Ricky Martin and his 4-month-old twin boys. Who were born via a surrogate mother. Which means Ricky did not have to stick his penis inside a woman.

"Adoption was one option," Ricky says, "but it's complicated and can take a long time. Surrogacy was an intriguing and faster option. I thought, 'I'm going to jump into this with no fear.'" The only fear, I presume, is of having sex with a female. I don't mean to imply anything, but c'mon. Come on.

Incidentally, he told Barbara Walters in 2005, "I think that sexuality is something that each individual should deal with in their own way. And that's all I have to say about that."

He doesn't have to say much anyway, in my opinion. I mean, pictures speak thousands of words, right? Like, um, these recent photos of Ricky hanging out with a "friend" on a beach:

Ai papi!


  1. Wowsahs. It's like the beginning of a really, really, REALLY good gay porn.


  2. Wow....straight men do enjoy hanging around in their little skivvies dont they?

    Ain't nothing gay bout that. Nothing at all.

  3. I hate to disappoint, but the beach pics are a couple years old and the 'friend' is his half-brother. At least we know that the looks run in the family. But yes, he's a huge Mo!

  4. Listen, you judgmental little queen. Just because America's Homo-est Homo Clay Aiken used a surrogate, doesn't make all famous men with hair that never moves that also use a surrogate big nelly bottom homos. I mean, honestly... One cannot draw conclusions from seeing Ricky Martin daintily hold a cigarette while daintily shaking out his towel while wearing dainty things. Go recruit another young Mormon on a mission.

  5. Chung and TCDO, I love how they stare longingly at each other while doing push-ups. I do that too with all my platonic friends.

    Joe, half-brother? Well, they're not blood-related. Which means it's the good kind of incest!

    JTerry, now now, I never said Ricky Martin is gay. (Just because you suck cock does not make you gay--haven't you learned that by now?)

  6. Prince: Not STEP-brother, HALF-brother. He's been identified as Eric Martin and they're blood relations through their father. He also has another half-brother through his monther named Fernando Fernandez. They're all HOT! Of course that still does not prevent a little hanky-panky if they're into that sort of thing. ;oP

  7. Joe, oooooh, so it's the bad kind of incest! (But, for me, "bad" is a term of endearment.)

  8. Re: "(Just because you suck cock does not make you gay--haven't you learned that by now?)"
    I think it's "Just because you get yours sucked doesnt mean you're homosexualr"
    Another one goes "If you have sex with men AND women you're bi"
    Other, less polite types, say "if yours goes into another man you're gay, if another man's goes into you you're queer".

    The problem is that most if not all of these news and other articles of gays who come out, nor of the ones who get outed, fail to include info as to whether they're Top, versatile or bottom.(We dont need the further "details".

    I applaud everyone who comes out which helps make the earth a better place for all.
    My personal opinion is that it's better to adopt children who need good parents instead of adding to overpopulation by breeding more.