Things I Read

Did you know that you can trade postcards with random strangers from around the world? The practice of pen-palling is coming back in fashion, I suppose—but with less commitment. Check out Postcrossing. [Thanks to Chung Nguyen for posting this.]

Novelist Scott Heim urges you all to help out the publishing industry by giving books as presents instead of giving porn as presents. (I would still like porn though. Or maybe I'll compromise and go for pornographic books?) Check out his thoughts, as well as some cool banners.

Remember Jack, the guy who showed up to protest Proposition 8 at Fort Meyers' City Hall in Florida and ended up being the only one there? Well, the South Florida Blade picked up his story; he details his lonely protest on his blog; and his actions have led to the launch of the Gay Fort Meyers site. They're all good reads.

I haven't read this entire article yet, but the headline caught my eye, and I'm sure it'll be of interest to a lot of you. Check out "How Do Actors Memorize Their Lines?"


  1. I LOVE POSTCROSSING! Totally non-committal, but pricey because a postcard to anywhere-but-USA is a whopping $0.94! Still a little cheaper than if I were to, say, hand-deliver the cards....

  2. actors and lines... a friend of mine sings hers...

    it works.

  3. OMG!!! Thank for the Postcards tip!! I love Post Cards!!!!!!!

    See, the many usage of exclaimation marks shows how Excited I am!!!

    Okay, have to stop doing that.

    But thanks. I'm gonna go send a postcard to someone in Belize now.