Top Ten Blog Posts of 2008

It's time to revisit 2008's greatest hits on Bamboo Nation. I dug deep into my Google Analytics stats to bring you a list of the most-read posts of 2008.

Two Stalkers Are Better Than One, wherein Diablo Cody and I exhibit our public lust for Blockbuster employees.

An Open Letter to My Gay Friend; or Gay Marriage Is Not About Marriage, wherein a friend of mine receives a tongue-lashing (not the good kind) and the battle against Proposition 8 reaches its peak.

"High School Musical 3": The Gayest of Them All, wherein HSM3 promises the gay and proudly delivers.

"HSM" Naked Pics' Connection to Drake Bell; Plus, Drake Continues to Sing About His Cock, wherein I wax philosophical about a celebrity's penis.

How Gay Is "High School Musical"?, wherein I establish my worldwide authority on HSM and its gayness. (I am! Go to Google and type in "high school musical" and "gay" [with or without quotes], and see what's the first thing to come up!)

Joey McIntyre, Horny Women, and Me, wherein desperate women display their desire to hump Joe Mac in ways that even I had never imagined.

"Smell Yo Dick", wherein Riskay valiantly attempts to prove that her man is cheating on her.

Hot Actors, wherein I publicly serenade my Blockbuster employees.

Frequently Assed Questions: The Official Drake Bell Post, wherein everything you wanted to know about Drake Bell is condensed into one informative post (which, incidentally, also broaches the subject of his cock).

Still Joey McIntyre After All These Years, wherein I show you my autographed photo of Joe Mac.


  1. WTH, how could I not know you like Joey Mc?

    Also...yes "Smell yo dick"...oh how it rocked my world.

  2. No Prince vs. Mike posts made it in? I think someone might have tampered with the ballot box on that one.

  3. Joe Mac, holla!

    Mike, one of the Mike-related posts would've made it if we mentioned Zac Efron and cock multiple times. Ya know, give the people what they want.

  4. I am hereby lobbying for the inclusion of a Mike Valentino post. I like the transcripts of your chats best. Maybe you need a Top 20 list...

  5. Well, I can't argue with Google Analytics. Stats are stats. But I COULD do a "my personal favorite posts of 2008." Clearly Mike would top, er, I mean, Mike would be at or near the top.