What's Your Walk Score?

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, December 12, 2008
Walk Score is a neat website that determines how "walkable" the neighborhood in which you live is (or any neighborhood you're curious about). You type in an exact address, and it'll spit out a rating between 0 and 100, determined by how close that location is to places you can walk to.

With a 95, I live in a "Walkers' Paradise" (which, incidentally, is way better than living in a gangster's paradise). What's your Walk Score?

[Thanks to Tropico Station for posting this.]
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  1. My neighborhood got a 75 for walkability. Considering how frequently and far I walk, though, that's probably on the low side.


  2. k. crow Said,

    I agree with Adoresixtyfour. My score was too low--a mere 74/100. It didn't recognize any schools in my neighborhood (there are several) but it does know that I'm stumbling distance to books, booze and breakfast. What more could a girl ask for?

    I think there should be a stalkscore.com to rate the stalkability of your friends in the area.


  3. Marisela Said,

    94, Walker's Paradise.

    And I should get an extra point for living in one of the few flat neighborhoods in San Francisco.


  4. 89/100 walker's paradise, -11 points for the transitional neighborhoods north of us.


  5. i am not sure how they score this. my address scored a 94. And Prince, you know how much is in walking distance from my place. that said, my old apts in Brooklyn scored 91's. I would probably have rated them in the 80's. Also, they claim that there is a grocery store 1 block from me on 10th street, I suppose they mean the deli that is never open except for nighttime, but that is hardly a grocery store. And they left out the actual grocery store that is 2 blocks from me. go figure.
    interesting side note, the home i grew up in scored a 2 on the walk score, which is 2 points more than i would give it.


  6. Quin Browne Said,

    i have a crap neighborhood.

    your neighborhood, even with injured pigeons, rocks...


  7. mine is a mere 22. but damn it's pretty to walk here.


  8. My spot in Berkeley scored 83, "very walkable." I'd agree since it's pretty close to UCB campus and there's a strip of little restaurants and a convenience store right near me - oh crap Prince you know what I'm talking about - I'm right off Euclid and mere blocks from La Val's and the subterranean.


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