You Got Served!

A Supreme Court in Australia has deemed it legal to serve court documents to defendants...through Facebook! You can run, criminals, but you can't hide!
Lawyers in Australia expect the internet social network site Facebook to become a new way of tracking down defendants after a landmark court ruling.

The Supreme Court in Australia's capital Canberra has ruled that Facebook is a sufficient way of serving legal documents to defendants who cannot be found.

The case surrounded a couple who defaulted on a loan, but who couldn't be found.

"We couldn't find the defendants personally after many attempts so we thought we would try and find them on Facebook," lawyer Mark McCormack said.

"We did a public search based on the email address we had and the defendants Facebook page appeared."
C'mon, you always knew Facebook was dangerous. But did you know that it was this dangerous?

[Thanks to The Constantly Dramatic One at Dramatic Musings for sending me this.]


  1. That's pretty scary.

  2. JTerry, I know how much you love your Facebook. Perhaps this will convince you to love it a little less?