Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio: The Romance Continues

I'm sure you heard about how Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio were seen sitting next to each other and laughing it up at a Lakers game last month. I wonder if they giggled all the way to the restroom together too and pissed side by side in a show of male solidarity. Perhaps they even gave each other a "hand" at the urinal...? Sorry, I'm getting a bit distracted here. Where was I?

Anyway, I kept from reporting about it because I didn't know how legitimate this blossoming bromance was (I mean, didn't they just happen to be at that game independent of each other?), but they were also seen recently at the GQ Awards, where a conversation between the two was overhead:
"Give me a call some time and let's shoot the shit some time," OK! reports DiCaprio saying to Efron.

He then proceeded to hand him his cell phone number.
Oh my god, those two having phone sex together is now in the realm of possibility! Somebody fan-fiction that, quick!

Look, I'm not delusional. Remember that video interview that Details did with Zefron? I wrote this about it earlier this year:
When they ask [Zac Efron] who his first celebrity crush was, he claims he didn't have any...and then he starts yammering on and on with wide-eyed wonder about Leonardo DiCaprio. Seriously.... Seriously hot!


  1. Former teen heartthrob seeks teen heartthrob for friendship and possible play. Those who have ever played OPENLY gay roles in film need not apply.

  2. Alas, Leo DID gay it up in "Total Eclipse" as the fey Arthur Rimbaud. I think you even get a peek of his manhood, from what I remember! (You would think it would be seared into my mind.)

  3. So....Leo is totally "top" right?