"24" Season Seven Premiere: Hell Yeah, MF-ers!

Of course you just know that I absolutely loved the season seven premiere of 24, and I could spend an entire blog entry listing everything that made me squeal with delight—I mean, there wasn't one false note anywhere (even the resurrection of a dead character was explained with matter-of-fact clarity).

But I'd like to, instead, just point out this season's MVP so far, the tough and lovely Annie Weschling, who plays the tough and lovely Renee Walker, an FBI agent who proves to be Jack Bauer's perfect sidekick and foil. Not only that, but she also got to say "dammit!" twice, beating Kiefer Sutherland to his own catchphrase.


My one gripe is that the beautiful Eric Lively, who I panted over in the special 2-hour movie, 24: Redemption, which aired in November, is no longer on the show. His character is dead.




  1. Yeah, well, thanks to people like YOU, I can see I'll be a 24-widow, again, every Sunday night.


  2. Louise, the regular night will actually be Mondays. C'mon, don't you like your free time? :)

    Adoresixtyfour, I knew the fanboys would dig her.

  3. I liked the premiere, too. And I also was disappointed that they killed off the Prez's son. But I am excited to know how his girlfriend was involved in his death, and whether the first husband is going to get in over his head with all his snooping, and how they're going to work Chloe back into the show, and whether Janeane Garofalo's character is just lovably neurotic or guilty guilty guilty of something treacherous.

  4. William, I am just DYING to have Chloe back. You know SHE would've been able to figure out that firewall breach in like five second flat.