Being Sick Is Inefficient, Day 5

[Days 1-3 and Day 4 were interesting.]

When you're recovering from the stomach flu and you've got a massive headache and you're trying to sleep in, the hour of leaf-blowing going on outside seems like an eternity and you want to kick open your window and scream, "How could you possibly blow leaves back and forth for an hour?! We live in the concrete jungle of an L.A. suburb! There's like two trees on this whole block! There can't possibly be that many leaves to blow!"

I'm going to go make myself a big motherfucking omelet.


  1. Prince, I thought you never had any problem finding lots of things to blow, for hours...

  2. Big motherfucking omelets solve many, many problems in life.

  3. hope you feel better soon

  4. When you mention leaf blowers, why on Earth do I imagine that you live in the apartment in Office Space?

  5. JTerry, perv.

    Adoresixtyfour, your words are words of truth.

    Aaron, thanks, my Jew friend.

    Superbadfriend, oh, thank god my life isn't that bad. :)