For Those of You Who Have Ever Dreamt of Having Your Own Carrie Doll

There's the creep factor. Then there's the camp factor. Put those two together and stir, and you have the gayest collectibles this side of the High School Musical action figure aisle. A woman named Alesia Newman-Breen in Maryland handcrafts celebrity dolls—all of which are one of a kind, not one in a series. Too bad the Carrie doll has already been sold:

The website also boasts dolls from The Golden Girls; Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte; and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I can't believe these dolls are only between $600 and $800. They are priceless!

[Thanks to Scott Heim for sending me the link.]


  1. Funnily enough I only watched Carrie recently. It kind of escaped me until now. Then I realised why kids would sometimes look at me strangely at school events. The red hair, pale skin, lanky awkwardness..... it all makes sense now.

  2. "I can see your dirty pillows!"

  3. Your comment just prompted a nose bleed from me. I'm warning you.

  4. I still can't figure out from the website if the blood-on-the-head is the ONLY fake blood that comes with the Carrie doll. (If you know what I mean. "Plug it up, plug it up!")

  5. The Sophia Loren doll has nipples!

  6. Narrioch, they were probably afraid of your mother.

    Peter, that's my favorite line!

    Scott, I like to think that the fake blood is multi-use. You can make that gush out of anywhere you like.

    Adoresixtyfour, that doll maker has an eye for detail!