A Hamster Spins on Its Wheel and Then Loses Control of Its Legs

That title pretty much sums it up. Watch:

[Thanks to Patty Hose for sending me this.]


  1. "Yes, you may buy Prince
    a hot chocolate."
    What the hell is this? Did I just give you a dollar via PayPal for nuthin'?
    I want in on this scam!

  2. this is why people have pets. I'd like to see pork chop in a wheel!

  3. we are crying.....omg that was the funniest thing I have ever seen. THANKS PRINCE!

  4. Peter! I was gonna ask the same thing. Prince, can I just send you the hot cocoa mix, I have the good kind! Um, how do I add a paypal link to my site? I just want the dollar.

  5. This entire blog is an elaborate scam!

  6. Superbadfriend, don't do it. Don't send Prince anything in the mail.
    What I got in return from him was not worth even a dollar.