High School Dudes Get Busted for Public Displays of Affection

The following clip from the reality show, The Principal's Office, isn't quite as audacious as the two high school jocks who got busted for dirty dancing with their girlfriends, but it's fun nonetheless. Two guys are lectured about their habit of hugging and kissing their girlfriends, which is a no-no at school. In the principal's office, the guys don't do anything particularly outrageous—it's just their whole persona that is strikingly amusing. Watch:

[Thanks to John F. for sending me this.]


  1. Sterling1/27/2009

    I've never done PDA with Kevin in my life.

  2. I didn't know PDAing was a verb. No wonder our country is going to shit. We're teaching the kiddies weird non-verb verbs.

  3. And I never knew Public Disorder of Affection was a term.