High School Jocks Get Busted for Dirty Dancing

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Thursday, January 15, 2009
On a reality show called The Principal's Office, two high school boys get called into the, well, principal's office because they were dirty dancing with girls at a school function. They decide to question the principal on what kind of dancing and touching is acceptable by demonstrating...on each other—pushing the boundaries of comfort and heterosexuality. Watch:

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  1. Peter Varvel Said,

    Damn! The youtube police (or whoever) are quick - "this video is no longer available," either.

    Prince, you damn prick tease!


  2. The video, as well as Sharon and Fred's, is back up. I actually think YouTube is having some kind of server problem.


  3. michael_karo Said,

    oooh i saw part of this the other night, i need to watch that show, it's...interesting.


  4. michael_karo Said,

    "you want me to be the girl?" now that's a t shirt waiting to happen!

    oh and the kid said "meter-stick", they must be...canadian?


  5. michael_karo Said,

    yessss, a t shirt. i just made one HERE...


  6. Chung Nguyen Said,

    What a darling couple.

    I feel bad for the principal. What a shitty job.


  7. Madley Said,

    Wah! That was FUNNY (I felt bad for the principal too)... smart asses. And the last shot had me rolling on the floor!


  8. those kids made the principal look like such an idiot.


  9. jterry Said,

    Oh those two will so totally be on one of those "straight boys first homo humping" porn sites within a year. Then we will all watch them and wistfully remember their rise to fame.

    And that was totally ineffective disciplinary action, btw.


  10. John Ferreira Said,

    They should include a scene like that in the Zac Efron remake of "Footloose." In a line that will go down in cinema history like "Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn", will be Zac asking Chance Caldwell, "You want me to be the girl?" I'm imagining it right now. Oh, my! 'Scuse me, I need a little "private" time.


  11. Michael, that is so excellent!

    Chung, TBP, Madley, that principal has no balls! He should've fought back with a little inappropriate demonstration of his own.

    JTerry and John, you two have such big dreams.


  12. Cheryl Said,

    Those guys were hilarious, and they're also the reason I'm not a teacher: funny smartass troublemakers. My worst nightmare.


  13. Anonymous Said,

    here's the video...hilarious



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