How to Make Firefox Run Faster

After becoming annoyed at how slow my Mozilla Firefox internet browser had been running lately, I decided to do some research on how to get it to run faster. (No matter what, though, Internet Explorer still sucks donkey ass, and I tried Google Chrome again for the second time last night and I still don't like it.) So I ended up doing some very simple things, and Firefox is running great again (hallelujah, quick page loads!), and hopefully these techniques will help you too.
  1. Go to Tools. Select Clear Private Data. Check everything except Cookies, Offline Website Data, and Saved Passwords. Click Clear Private Data Now. This may take a minute.

  2. Go to Tools. Select Options. Select Privacy. If you have "Keep my history for at least" checked, then choose a number of days that is 10 or lower. I had mine accidentally set to 30, which really screwed things up. (Firefox had too much to remember.) I now have it at 7. Click OK.

  3. Then, do all the things that this guy tells you to do in the following video. He mumbles like a reclusive tech geek, but that's how I know that he knows his shit:

Did those things work? Do your pages load faster?


  1. Wow. You're getting a visit from the Good Juju Computer Fairy sometime soon, aren't you.

  2. You know, I've always had great relationships with my computers. People are amazed at how long mine last. That fairy must love me!

  3. Dude, I'm telling you Safari is the way to go.

  4. 30 days. Pshaw. Mine was somehow set to save my history for 90!

  5. TCDO, ah, Safari is for Mac people. Cult-like Mac people.

    Alan, yeah, it's strange. I remember even IE defaulting at 7 days in history. Doesn't Firefox have a default number? It can't possibly be 30 or 90. Man, that REALLY clogged things up. My browser is running so much faster now.