I Was at the "United States of Tara" Premiere and Ate Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

[This post is part of a continuing series about fancy Hollywood parties that I have somehow managed to infiltrate.]

If you ever get a chance to be invited to something like the premiere and party for Showtime's United States of Tara, go. Not only will you enjoy the obvious pleasures of a screening (we saw the first three episodes of the Diablo Cody-written, Steven Spielberg-produced, strangely charming new series at the Directors Guild of America) and whiplash-inducing celebrity sightings (Toni Collette! John Corbett! Bo Derek! Sean Hayes! The Asian guy from Dexter!), but the catered food is something out of a fevered dream by way of Gordon Ramsey. I mean, I didn't even know there was such a thing as high-end, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. But there are. And they're so damn good that they make you want to join the Peace Corps because you feel like you have to do something for the world in order to deserve grilled cheese sandwiches such as those.

Anyway, I congratulated Diablo, thanked her for the GAY CONTENT in the show, and managed to leave without screaming at the chick from Rachel Getting Married, "Hey! You! You're Rachel Getting Married! I love you, Rachel Getting Married!"

Behold the Tara trailer. Watch:

The series premieres on Showtime this Sunday, January 18, 2009. But you can actually watch the pilot episode online right here, right now, although you'll have to wait for episode three for...


...the hot homophobic jock to ask the cute gay kid to take off his shirt so he can be flogged like an AIDS patient in hell for a religious Hell House event.


By the way, do you know how AMAZING Bo Derek looks in person?! I was like, "Damn! Do you know how AMAZING Bo Derek looks in person?!" (I tried to say it out loud and within earshot of her, but she didn't turn around.) Here she is with boy toy John Corbett at some other event:


  1. So jealous. I'm a John Corbett freak, but because of "Northern Exposure," not anything else he's done. Which isn't to say everything else he's done is crap, just that nothing can compare to Chris in the Morning.

    Can't wait for the premiere! I've already set my DVR.

  2. Totally right choice for lead actress! I'm a bit fed up of most actresses not being able to show any expression of their faces these days, but I think TC has it all figured out!

  3. Annie, John Corbett is really great in this. Such a natural and real presence.

    Narrioch, yes, Toni has really grown up since Muriel's Wedding, hasn't she?

    Noel, agreed. Whatever she's had done is simply fabulous.

  4. I totally would have said that to the "Rachel Getting Married" chick

  5. Okay, when I first saw the billboards, I was like, "Really? A wacky multiple personality comedy in 2009? Isn't that territory a little over, and isn't that disorder actually incredibly rare and totally impossible to function with?"

    But Toni Collette, Diablo Cody and that pretty damn funny trailer make me want to give it a chance.

  6. Corbett is so great in this, I feel like you know his character intimately even after just the first episode. I've always been a fan, but not a gutteral fan, of his, and I can tell that Tara will change all that.

  7. Just saw screening in San Francisco (two episodes) and LOVE Toni Collette. How can she be so AMERICAN?!

    And John Corbett? Fuhgetaboutit, he'll always be wonderful Aidan in Sex in the City to me... but he is just FAB in this. Lucky-ass Bo Derek.