Oh. My. God. You have to see this. We go to Japan once again, where brilliant minds have managed to put together a television program called Zuiikin' English that shows you how female Japanese tourists in the United States can fend off scary American criminals in the park with a few choice English-language sentences, which are taught to you by three women doing aerobics. Um...WHAT?! Watch:

[Thanks to Kendra for sending me this.]
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  1. narrioch Said,

    I was laughing far too loudly than is necessary up to about 0:58 secs, then my jaw just hit the ground. Is it international semaphore language, to bodily display cries of help and distress? Why was that man's panties tied under his nose? I grew out of doing that years ago! I'm quite sure he's not a REAL gangster.


  2. Narrioch, I'm glad you confirmed the panties. I was like, "It can't be panties! I just can't be panties!"


  3. that was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. The close ups on their shoulders? What was that about?


  4. narrioch and Prince,

    Clearly you guys are not familiar with the atrocity if Japanese mangas. If you read any mangas at all, or even watch anime you would notice that bad guys/bullies/ribbers go around with the heads tied like that. To "up" the comedy effect. I honestly do not know why but that is the way it goes in the world of Japanese comedy/anime/mangas.

    That video is hella weird though.


  5. TBP, indeed it's the little touches that make this video a classic. The background music during the robbery? Love it!

    TCDO, man, your side of the world is so fucked up. :)


  6. narrioch Said,

    But they're still panties, right? Clean, or worn?


  7. clean I would hope.


  8. Sterling Said,

    What the hell?


  9. OMG, you guys don't want to know how many times I've watched this. I can't stop laughing!!!!! It's sublime!


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