Within hours of me posting Sharon and Fred's piss-your-pants funny video about Elliott Lester, the sublime duo have taken said video off the internet for some reason. See why you must visit Bamboo Nation repeatedly throughout the day?! You may miss something absolutely amazing!

Well, I'll keep checking to see if they put the video back up. In the meantime, let's return to the bizarre Japanese TV show, Zuiikin' English, which previously taught you how to fend off American robbers by using English phrases chanted by girls doing aerobics. The theory behind the show, I presume, is that learning English is much easier if you can connect words to specific physical activities. I don't know if this is sound science, but at least it has yielded the following clip, in which the aerobics girls teach you how to affirm your diarrhea. Um...WHAT?! Watch:

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  1. narrioch Said,

    I like the cut at 0:25 secs to the man's frozen face! There's also something inherently wrong about those aerobics costumes! And why do they have the German word for 'girl' emblazoned across the front? I'm still stumped.


  2. Hey do a post regarding the English lesson for whores! That one is super funny!


  3. I'm getting the feeling that in Japan, talking about bowel movements is much less taboo than it is in the US.

    Also, why call an ambulance? Doesn't she really need a toilet and some pepto?


  4. k. crow Said,

    The video is definitely the inspiration for the new Pepto Bismol ads.

    "Nausea. Heartburn. Indigestion. Upset stomach. Diarrhea!"


  5. Ah, there are so many more of these. I'm finding the best ones (not all of them are this sublime, surprisingly), and will be posting them within the coming weeks. They bring me so much joy!


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