Kathy Griffin Schools Anderson Cooper About the Dicks in His Mouth

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, January 02, 2009
Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin were chatting it up on CNN on New Year's Eve. When they broke for a commercial, Griffin didn't realize her microphone was still live. She gets in a funny gay dig at Cooper. Watch:

[Thanks to The Bilerico Project for posting this.]

[Addendum 12:56 p.m.: A commenter pointed out that Griffin's joke was directed at a heckler, and that does seem to be the case upon multiple viewings. I still find it funny, though, that Cooper is standing right next to her when the insult flies. Hmm. Guilt by association?]

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  1. JH Said,

    I think her comment was directed at a heckler, not Anderson. And since when does having a dick in your mouth mean your gay?


  2. Ah, I think you're right. I watched it a couple more times, and it looked like she turned to someone else right before the video cut out.


  3. JH Said,

    The important question here is who was the heckler? I like to think it was Rick Warren looped on poppers and stalking Anderson again.


  4. LAP Said,

    If she'd said it to Anderson it would have been a lie since she was right there, ready to knock any out of his mouth she saw..


  5. Cheryl Said,

    The thing I like about Kathy Griffin is that her on-air comments are pretty much all just as scandalous.


  6. Exactly. I so want to meet her one day.


  7. I watched them all night and it sounded like Anderson either had his tongue pierced or just ate some spicy Mexican food. He had a weird lisp all night. Did anyone else catch that?


  8. Yeah. If you check my facebook updates I'm saying stuff like "Is that from the cold or booze?"


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