Lawyer Busts Michael Jackson Moves...and More, Part 2: The "Thriller" Edition

Suleman Mirza and his dance partner, Madhu Singh, who call themselves "Signature," surprised audiences with their entertaining moves that mash-up Michael Jackson and Bollywood. Alas, they didn't win the competition last year (they came in second), but here's further evidence that perhaps they were unfairly snubbed? Check them out doing an elaborately staged rendition of Thriller. Watch:


  1. i love those guys too, but did you see the kid who won? he's cute as a damn button and so sweet - his audition: and his winning performance: there were more bits where he was interviewed about what a crappy place he's from and how much he wants to help his mom out with money. total tear jerker.

  2. Lisa, OMG, total sympathy vote! I'd vote for the poor kid too!