New Contest! Write a Photo Caption, and Win a "Nuns Having Fun" Calendar!

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Sunday, January 11, 2009
Write a caption for the photo below, and you can win a brand new 2009 "Nuns Having Fun" calendar! You know you want it. Because if anyone knows how to cut loose, it's repressed nuns who are just ready to burst!

Anyone in the world can enter. Leave your caption in the comments section. If you're not a Blogger member, you can comment anonymously and leave your name or your initials; when I announce the winner, you'll know if you won and all you have to do is e-mail me to claim your prize.

The deadline for captions/entries is Thursday, January 15, 2009, 11:59PM
, and it is one caption/entry per person. I will select my favorite answers at that time, and a Bamboo Nation reader poll will determine one winner.

Caption this:
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  1. jterry Said,

    "Once you've assumed the position, Sister Mary John Roberts will insert this end of the enema tube in your rectum. You may begin to feel a sensation of being filled, but there will be minimal discomfort. Sister Mary Innocent, you're first."


  2. quin browne Said,

    (thought balloon over middle nuns head) "what is he looking at us for? can't find an altar boy to take care of his 'hose'?"


  3. k. crow Said,

    Carmelite nuns are shown a new way to celebrate their marriage to Jesus. After vespers, several sisters are chastised for breaking their vow of silence.


  4. golfwidow Said,

    "It dispenses holy water. We call it the 'Angels We Have Heard on High Colonic.'"


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Where do you put your penis in a nun?


  6. And so, sisters, the Vatican now states that the next immaculate conception may very well be through a garden hose, just like this...


  7. Sister Mary Charles Bronson was determined to keep the nuns of St. Fellatio in line. After consulting with Monsignor Molesta, a devise that could be used for punishment or pleasure was employed.


  8. 2009 Edition Said,

    "It kinda looks like this, but mine has foreskin."


  9. Anonymous Said,

    Sisters, in light of these troubled times we are now going to just spray the parish with holy water.

    However, we caution you to wear protective head gear as the truly unrepentant may explode upon contact.


  10. Camille Said,

    Now, Sisters.. I know celibacy can be tough, but with this hose and enough pressure... No, Sister Mary Patrick, not like that, but you can if that's your thing... And don't forget to say a couple Hail Mary's afterward.


  11. michael_karo Said,

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  12. michael_karo Said,

    "sisters, i don't care if that boy DOES have the face of an angel. hand over that evil high school musical DVD or you'll get the hose again!"


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