Pro-Lifers Furious Over Krispy Kreme's Abortion Doughnuts

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Krispy Kreme—the company that makes doughnuts that are probably filled with, according to Chris Rock, crack—decided to celebrate Inauguration Day by offering free doughnuts. According to its press release, the move was to honor Americans' "sense of pride and freedom of choice."

Well, The American Life League has objected to the company's use of the word "choice" and sees it as an "endorsement of abortion rights on demand." Um...WHAT?!

I object to the pro-life group's use of the word "League" in its name because "League" doesn't quite capture how whacko these people are. (Well, I guess it would if they were called "The League of Whackos.")

Read the entire article here.
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  1. maan those donuts look really good. ><


  2. I object to their use of the word "American"--it's pretty un-American not to like doughnuts. (Mmmm...doughnuts...)


  3. Cheryl Said,

    I'm sure the League of Whackos would recommend outlawing all choice, just to play it safe. Not only should women not get to choose whether to have a baby, but people shouldn't get to choose a president or a flavor of doughnut. Plain glazed for everyone! Sprinkles are for commies!


  4. narrioch Said,

    Crack? I KNEW IT! I just KNEW it! There's a CK stand at my local airport and my mouth waters even when I just see it.
    Seriously though, that claim about 'choice' just makes me realize how crazy parts of the world have gone.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Chris Rock is full of beans! Krispy Kreme is so overhyped. They sell run-of-the-mill donuts, just like the ones you get at any other donut shop. Donuts are good, yes, but Krispy Kreme is nothing special. That's just marketing.


  6. I must say that other doughnuts simply do not hold a candle to Krispy Kremes. I mean, even the basic glazed doughnuts is a like a little piece of pure heaven!!!!!


  7. Anonymous Said,

    Well then we'll just have to agree to disagree . . . or we can agree that you're wrong, after you come to your senses and realize that you're a lemming.


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