"Revolutionary Toad"

Wait a minute, Kate Winslet! You are married to super hot, super cute Leonardo DiCaprio, and you don't have to go to work because he completely supports you and bought you a really nice house and fathered your children with his super hot, super cute sperm—all this, and, um, YOU CAN'T MAKE IT WORK?!

Call me a bastard, but I have no fucking sympathy for you. I mean, you are married! To Leonardo DiCaprio! Super hot! Super cute! HELLO! (Rolls eyes.) God, straight people and their problems. What the hell am I missing here?!

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  1. OMG:

    Every time I come on your blog, now, I get a "SUGGESTED POST YOU MIGHT LIKE" which is ALWAYS "Revolutionary Toad."

    So, fuck you, for that, Prince.

    And you know why.