Thai Police Paint Smiley Faces on Their Masks

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, January 02, 2009
"For our highway policemen, we have the policy that the police must be friendly and smiling all the time," says Colonel Somyos Promnim, Thailand's Highway Police Commander. "But the problem is, when we're tired, it's hard to keep smiling."

So the Thais have come up with a brilliant solution! They painted big, friendly red grins on their white anti-pollution masks.

I know that the move is an attempt to lift people's spirits, but doesn't it kind of look like something out of an Asian horror movie? If I saw that smiley face cop coming my way, I'd fucking run. Wouldn't you?

[Thanks to Nothing To Do With Arbroath for posting this.]
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  1. Cheryl Said,

    YES. This is "friendly" in the way that The Joker and scary, murderous clowns are friendly.


  2. Solia Jacobs Said,

    It's like that scene from dark knight with the joker in the nurse's mask but it's gone horribly horribly wrong.


  3. Chung Nguyen Said,

    "Can't sleep, clown'll eat me. Can't sleep, clown'll eat me. Can't sleep, clown'll eat me. Can't sleep, clown'll eat me. Can't sleep, clown'll eat me. Can't sleep, clown'll eat me. Can't sleep, clown'll eat me....."



  4. OMG, this just reminds me of my irrational fear of clowns.


  5. If I see this shit, even in broad daylight....I would run so fast out from there you wouldn't even know I was there....kinda like Speedy Gonzalez.

    Only I'm Asian...and have a big ass. And not a rat. But same concept really.


  6. Nobody bothers to mention that he's driving a Yamaha? WTF? We buy all of our goods from Asia, right? So you would think they could return the favor and buy a Harley or two. They've gotta remember that we can't buy their crappy products if we're broke. Oh, wait. This is America. We'll just put it on our credit card.


  7. Cheryl, Solia, Chung, Katherine, and TCDO, what does it say about me when the people who agree with me about the scary Thai masks are all women? I guess I'm just one of the girls!

    Mike, you crashed the girls club!


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