Things I Did: Fax Machines, DVD Party, Opening Night, the "Times"

Continued guiding the development process for Young Americans, the musical extravaganza that the students at Palo Alto High School are writing the text and songs for and that is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland in August. Which reminds me, I have to fax in a synopsis to the American High School Theatre Festival today. How does this sound:
Young Americans is an innovative new musical that explores the intersection between American teenage life and rock 'n' roll music in every decade from the 1950s to 2000s. A series of original vignettes and musical numbers—written and performed by nearly three dozen teenagers, with live instrumental accompaniment—reflect upon how rock music has shaped the identity of young people in each decade, where different generations find common ground, and what has irreversibly changed for American teens in the last half century.
Yes, I said I have to FAX it. What?! Who uses fax machines anymore?! Cavemen?! Which means I have to run to Staples today and pay for fax service. I'm invoicing Scotland for this.

Went to O Bar in West Hollywood for the DVD release party for He Likes Guys, a compilation of shorts that includes Edward Gunawan's Laundromat, which I'm in. FYI, Edward knows a lot of hot men. Here's a blurry picture of us—the camera apparently could not handle our beauty:

One of Edward's friends (Sean) had RSVP'd the following to the party invitation:
Congrats guys! I'll be at the DVD release party - double fisting...martini's that is. xoxo
I had also RSVP'd:
Congratulations, all! Like Sean, I will also be double fisting. Unlike Sean, that is not a metaphor.
Attended opening night of Furious Theatre Company's terrific production of Peter Nachtrieb's Hunter/Gatherers at the Pasadena Playhouse. (This was my fifth time seeing the play in some incarnation—that's dedication!) It was like old times (Loren used to be Peter's roommate in San Francisco, and I've known Peter since before Loren), what, with the double fisting and everything.

Was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, regarding East West Players' world premiere production of Paul Kikuchi's Ixnay (directed by Jeff Liu), which was developed over the course of two of my playwriting workshops. My goal, of course, was to sound smarter than Paul and Jeff. That was, in fact, my only goal.

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  1. Is there an urban dictionary equivalent of 'alpine skiing' for double fisting? Perhaps a term that incorporates the words 'boxing gloves' . . .