WTF Skittles

In the following Skittles commercial, a white guy who's getting a suit tailored has multicultural alternative selves reflected in the three-way mirror, and the tailor starts yelling in Thai at one of the reflections, who yells back in Tagalog. Um...WHAT?! Watch:

[Thanks to Angry Asian Man for posting this.]


  1. WTF?!!!!! Who are marketing morons that came up with that one?!

  2. I can't stop watching this weird-ass commercial! First of all, I keep trying to figure it out... reflect the rainbow?

    Second, because I can't understand what the Thai guy is asking, but I DO get the Filipino guy's sweet responses: "Because I'm hungry" and then "I'm hungry because I haven't eaten" -- they make me laugh!

  3. i laughed.

    i guess it's the embarrassed laugh of the tailor, but, i laughed.

    of course, i've also been known to laugh at funerals.