College Student Wakes Up and Discovers He Is Receiving Oral Sex by a Man Old Enough to be His Father

Seriously. Read:
A 50-year-old State College man was arrested Friday afternoon just hours after police say he broke into a Penn State student's apartment and performed oral sex on the man while he was asleep.

The student, 21, awoke this morning to his neighbor Barry G. Homan, of State College, underneath his comforter performing oral sex on him and talking to him about his penis, according to the criminal complaint.

Homan, charged with felony burglary, felony criminal trespass, felony involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, felony aggravated indecent assault and misdemeanor indecent assault, police said. The man kicked Homan and yelled for him to leave the apartment multiple times before calling his girlfriend and police, police said.

Before the incident, the student was at Homan's West College Avenue apartment before leaving at about 4 a.m. today, police said. The student had drank one beer and played a board game with the defendant and the defendant's roommate, according to the criminal complaint.
Hey, I love waking up to a blowjob as much as the next guy and I love seeing straight dudes experiment with their sexuality, but no heterosexual man deserves to be cock-raped by anybody except his girlfriend. Seriously.

Read the entire article here.

[Thanks to The Constantly Dramatic One for sending me this.]


  1. "Umm, what the hell are you doing down there?"

  2. Prince: Reeeeally? You honestly believe that's how it happened? Reeeeally? One Beer? Reeeeally? Not multiple beers and drunken sleep/pass-out? Reeeeally? Not wake up and realize to his horror that he had been so drunk he didn't care who he let blow him the night before? Reeeeally? Not a pathetic attempt to prove to himself and his 'girlfriend' that he had no homosexual tendencies and would never consider letting a guy blow him? Reeeeally? What gay universe have you been living in, Prince? 'Cuz it's not the same gay universe I've been living in all my life. REALLY.

  3. Hahaha! This story cracks me up sooo much and Joe....yeah I have to agree. It is dodgy.