Contest Winner! Prince's Favorite Concession Stand Item Revealed!

In Bamboo Nation's latest contest, you were asked to guess what one item I almost always order from the concession stand when I go to the movies. Well, whether I'm hungry or not, I almost always get...a small popcorn! I also typically drench it in butter and ask for a cup of tap water.

The winner is "C. Ignacio Portfolio!" ("JA" also guessed correctly, but that person just won the last contest.) And I can't believe Jake guessed incorrectly—that bitch has actually been to the movies with me multiple times!

"C. Ignacio Portfolio" wins two free tickets to Anthony Mora's Modern Lovee-mail me the date you would like to go, and your tickets will be at the door. The rest of you can still go to the show on your own:
by Anthony Mora

Modern Love—written by a playwright who has been compared to Mamet, Pinter, Nabokov, and Chandler
follows an L.A.-based film producer turned writer/director whose obsession with his directorial debut takes him down a dark, precarious path.

Now through February 22, 2009

Fridays & Saturdays @ 8:00 p.m.


Sidewalk Studio Theatre

4150 W. Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91505

For more information and tickets, visit
Sidewalk Studio Theatre.
Thanks for entering, everyone! There will be a new contest shortly.

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    I thought that just as I read your comment. It went like this. Jake thoughts: "How come I didn't know that. I ordered a small popcorn WITH him and drenched it in butter." Then I read your comment. Laughing.