The Dance Remix of Christian Bale Going Batshit Crazy

Surely by now you've heard the leaked audio of Christian Bale on the set of Terminator: Salvation, ripping into the cinematographer for meandering behind Bryce Dallas Howard during a scene and breaking Bale's concentration. The delightful expletive-laced tirade can be heard here, and a full transcript can be found here. I'm certain that actors for generations to come will be using this text as audition pieces.... But the real reason for this post is because a DJ named RevoLucian has put together a brilliant dance remix of the audio file. I'd groove to this. Listen:

[Thanks to Kate for sending me this.]


  1. What a shmuck. Fuck him and fuck the director and fuck Bryce Howard for not telling Bale to shut the fuck up. None of them have balls. Someone needs to slap that premadonna bitch back in his place. He has no right to talk to anyone like that. I hope he gets testicular cancer.

    Fuck Batman.

  2. What an asshole. What right does he have to have a guy fired? Like who the fuck is he? No one ever heard of him if not for Batman, and guess what Ledger totally stole the show. Fucking asshole.

    Also, the dance remix? Shit like this makes me love the interwebs so very much.

  3. Whew!

    And I thought I could get angry.

    Is he playing a guy with anger management issues? I mean, not that one word of this verbal attack is justified.

    However, film actors do "get into character" sometimes, (aka: Heath Ledger.) and maybe he was playing a royal asshole when he had this kind of creative "coitus interruptus." And, that's the most generous explanation I can think of for speaking this way to anyone.

    Dang, that was fierce.

    But, how funny is it that Bale's SO busted, now!

  4. Here is a remix of Bill O'reily's freak out might be old news but...still

    and here is the actual freak out

    And Colbert's retake on the incident

  5. Did the poor light guy really get fired? I agree with Mike, except for the testicular cancer part. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.