Hugh Jackman Burns Down a Neighborhood

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Lest you doubt the joy that Hugh Jackman will bring to the Academy Awards show, which he is hosting, witness him getting Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher in what is, I believe, the cruelest practical joke I've ever seen on this series. How celebrities handle themselves on hidden camera before, during, and after the prank tells you a lot. And Jackman just endears himself to you when he is made to think that he's not only caused a fire and several explosions to erupt at director Brett Ratner's house, but also destroyed the neighborhood. Watch:

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  1. laura Said,

    hahaha AWESOME.


  2. Madley Said,

    That was GREAT! Poor Hugh... that Ashton is a genius. A BRAT but a genius.


  3. Sterling Said,

    I'd watch it, because I would love to be endeared of Hugh Jackman...but I hate Ashton Kutcher so much that I can't!


  4. Poor Hugh.

    After the cameras left I wish he would have beaten the crap out of Brett and Ashton.


  5. Brash Lion Said,

    That was so brilliant!! A true testament to a person's goodness is definitely how they respond to such a situation, during and after the joke has been revealed. I have adored Hugh Jackman since the first X-Men movie and now I know why (because most of his movies sure are no reason for adoration)!!


  6. Hugh Jackman takes it like a champ.


  7. diana Said,

    Hugh Jackman is a very classy man. And thank god this show is off the air.


  8. ashley Said,

    That was horrible. I almost cried while simultaneoulsy falling in love with Hugh Jackman.


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