I Know Who "Some Guy" Is

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Loren loves loves loves Defamer (I avoid it as much as possible), so of course he is super-excited that he is mentioned today in an item about Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn.

Rourke and Penn were at the Sunset Tower hotel:
Mickey had his little Chihuahua with him for moral support - he looked a little nervous around Sean. Everyone knows Sean can hold a grudge. It was weird, though - some guy they both knew came over with a video camera and started recording them.
Loren is "some guy." (He was shooting a promo piece for Fox Searchlight.) He has officially been defamed!

Read the entire post here.
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  1. Jon Hunt Said,

    Loren is now the second most famous person I know!!!!


  2. apuykat Said,

    Congrats to Loren! LOL


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