Let's Hope They're Better Than Sharon and Fred

A couple years ago, on a whim, Gabriel entered a video contest and won a shitload of money and a trip around the world. (That's how he and Donovan are fortunate enough to be travelling and shooting a movie right now.)

Duly inspired, last year I entered my first (and only) video contest and won $5,000, which I blew on male go-go dancers. (Hey, 5,000 one-dollar bills disappear quick in the heat of a lap dance.)

When Jake was applying to be my new friend a few months ago (yes, there's a long and involved application process), I encouraged him to think about video contests. Well, not only have he and Will collectively won $7,250 and an electric meat smoker (I'm not kidding) by entering video contests, they have decided that they are going to finance a feature film exclusively with contest winnings.

So they have started a blog to detail their adventures, Jake & Will: Video Contest Warriors, which also covers topics of interest to filmmakers and the like. Here they are, explaining themselves:

This is their blog URL. Help them out by voting for their stuff anytime they enter a new contest.

(In case you don't remember Sharon and Fred, go here for perhaps the funniest video you will ever see in your entire goddamn life.)


  1. Brilliant. They're the wave of the future in every way. Damn them!

  2. Go-go dancers? Say it ain't so.

    Wow. I had no idea what a closet republican you really are.