My Black Levels Are Better Than Your Black Levels, Part 2: The My-Oscar-After-Party-Is-Better-Than-Your-Oscar-After-Party Edition

[For the first part of this story, read "My Black Levels Are Better Than Your Black Levels."]

Loren and I were at the Academy Awards screening and after-party hosted by Fox Searchlight at the One Sunset in West Hollywood. We were there for a few hours before we got a series of text messages and phone calls from Gabriel.

You see, as the Oscar ceremony progressed and as Slumdog Millionaire (a Searchlight picture) kept racking up wins, it was becoming clear that Gabriel's HBO party would be far inferior to our Searchlight party. He wanted in.

GABRIEL: Can Loren get us on the guest list?

PRINCE: Loren can't talk to you right now because he's chatting with Zachary Quinto.

GABRIEL: You can't get us in?

PRINCE: Oh, Serena Williams just walked through the door—I gotta go.

Sorry, Gabriel. Hope you had fun hanging out with the second-tier extras from Carnivale.

Some other highlights from the evening:

Since Slumdog Millionaire is a Searchlight film, the restaurant erupted into raucous applause and cheering every time the movie won an Oscar. Of course, when Best Picture was announced, it was pandemonium—the entire establishment erupting into an impromptu "Jai Ho" dance.

While the buffet of fine food was fabulous, it was the whole if-you-sit-where-you-are-people-will-keep-bringing-food-to-you thing that was the real culinary highlight. Imagine a seemingly endless stream of hot waiters offering you as many lemon tarts and red velvet cupcakes as you wanted. I should've experimented with saying, "Feed me!," because they probably would have.

Okay, starfuckers, this paragraph is for you. Aside from the key Slumdog cast and crew being there, other celebrities that were present included: Eve, Tyrese Gibson, Danny Glover, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emile Hirsch, Zachary Qunito, Britney Snow, Serena Williams, the tall scruffy dude from Undeclared, and the guy from Chuck. (Here are press pics from the party.)

The reason I was fortunate enough to go is because Loren works at Searchlight, where he whips up content such as this:

Ah, the benefits of membership.


  1. Love it! I certainly hope you participated in the Jai-Ho dancing action. I would be disappointed if you didn't at least shake your booty a little.

    Were the lavatories madeover Slumdog-style for authenticity? Poo is the new black.

  2. did you have bottled water that was actually tap water with the cap glued back on?

  3. Oh, my God! That sounds like So much fun!!!

    Ha! I loved "Sorry, Gabriel. Hope you had fun hanging out with the second-tier extras from Carnivale."


    I totally knew you guys would have a blast.

  4. Anonymous2/25/2009

    poor Gabriel. he tries so hard.

  5. I just know Gabriel is secretly planning something to trump us all into the next decade!