Pork Chop in "Lounging"

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, February 10, 2009
My beloved Pork Chop is back. Watch:

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  1. quin browne Said,

    so, what do you think he and sophie's kittens will look like?


  2. WILL?

    Pork Chop got laid?



  3. Anonymous Said,

    damn thats a huge cat!


  4. Anonymous Said,

    damn thats a huge cat!


  5. Pork Chop looks like he should be holding a dirty martini and wearing a silk robe.


  6. jterry Said,

    I love how his fat rolls are filling the space between the cushions. Such an artistic piece.


  7. Mead Said,

    God I've missed that cat.


  8. yes yes! more, I want more pork chop! stop everything you're doing and make more of these videos. You know, Pork Chop hasn't been weighed in quite some time.


  9. Solia Said,

    yay pork chop!!


  10. People have been telling me that they would watch videos of Pork Chop doing anything. So I was testing out that theory with this piece. And I guess it's true!

    What shall be the next one?

    How about:

    Pork Chop in "Crapping."


  11. I'd really like to see Pork Chop eating - I mean, this could be a whole series - pork chop eating dry food, pork chop eating wet food, pork chop eating kitty treats, pork chop eating grass, pork chop eating bits of food leftover on your plate, etc etc ad nauseum.


  12. Will Blank Said,

    Hilarious. Please! More Pork Chop!


  13. Peter Varvel Said,

    I wanna see Pork Chop making Sophie his bitch.
    What happened to "Dance of the Hours?"


  14. Anonymous Said,

    More Pork Chop videos!!! Frankly, that is what you were put on this Earth for. Anything else is just procrastination. P.S. Nice camerawork!


  15. Cheryl Said,

    I do love me some Pork Chop. But almost as importantly: Is that a card catalog you have for a chest of drawers?! I am so jealous.


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