Prayer Cross Necklace Miraculously Reveals the Lord's Prayer!

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, February 09, 2009

After the following commercial came on when I was watching Punk'd, Ashton Kutcher's MTV prank show, I thought for sure that the product being advertised was a joke, an absurdly funny piece of imagination concocted by Kutcher and his crew. But guess what? The Lord's Prayer Cross is real! And it really does feature "a secret center stone, which when held up to the light, reveals the entire Lord's Prayer!" This TV ad is brilliantly layered with unintentional hilarity moment to moment—just when I think I'm done laughing, the announcer says something that makes me spit out my morning green tea. Watch:

You know, if the Prayer Cross actually does what it says it does, then it's a steal at any price!
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  1. P A Said,

    ".. instantly and almost miraculously .."

    So is it a miracle, or not?


  2. I totally saw this on TV and thought of you!

    (Actually I think I saw it just after I took an Ambien, so I actually forgot about how gloriously stupid it was till now. Thanks for reminder.)

    Just think of all the shitty TV I could blog about if I were awake enough to write it down?


  3. michael_karo Said,

    well, it's not a "secret" stone any more!


  4. OMG, I STILL laugh every time I see it. That background music is unbelievable! Ha ha ha ha ha!


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Guess I do not get the Joke I think they are beautiful and I am going to get me one and two for my sisters


  6. Can you send one to my sister, too? Because she doesn't get the joke, either.


  7. -- Sorry. That's "Joke."


  8. Which reminds me, I should get one for MY sister too. She could use a little more prayer in her life. (That's NOT a joke.)


  9. Devon Said,

    I like how they use the term "spiritual accessory".

    Thanks for posting the link... my 7 year old niece wants one and I couldn't find the website. Don't think I'll be able to give it to her with a straight face though!


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Christ did not utter the Lord's Prayer while on the cross at Calvary. The prayer
    on the cross was for the ones who were
    crucifying him. It was a prayer of
    forgiveness. This jewel cross disrespects the true cross and only serves to magnify
    the women who buy it and wear it. It is not
    a tribute to the Saviour who died on it.


  11. Maybe the cross should have included more rubies and an inscription that says "Feel like shit when you wear this. For your savior suffered and died for you. Twinkle when you think of me bleeding and suffering in this disgusting and horrific way. --So pretty!"


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Those things are gaudy as hell. My grandmother has a "prayer cross", only it's plain silver and much, much nicer.


  13. Anonymous Said,

    The Prayer Cross does not include the entire Lords Prayer. If you don't believe me look it up.
    The prayer is found in Matthew 6 verse 9.


  14. wjackalope Said,

    Christians do the weirdest shit.


  15. Anonymous Said,

    forget all the religious comments. PLEASE. but I would like to say a friend bought it, It was really good at first, then after 3-4 months 1 stone turned black, and the prayer was gone, we called Ideavillage they had her name, #. address, but no record of her buying it. How convienient! It's a SCAM. I will paste this on face book.


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