To Sir, With Love

The stark reality of brainwashing and mind control that I attempt to achieve in each and every playwriting class I teach never changes and never transforms into the light and inspiration demonstrated by Lulu singing "To Sir, With Love" to Sidney Poitier.

And now I can further justify my groundbreakingly horrific techniques with a new Los Angeles Times article that covers East West Players' David Henry Hwang Writers Institute (where I teach) and the world premiere of Ixnay by Paul Kikuchi (who developed the play over the course of two workshops that I taught). I'm quoted a few times, even though I talked the reporter's ear off for almost an hour. Hey, I have things to say.

Read "East West Didn't Say 'Ixnay.'"


  1. Lovely article... congrats on your student (and your quotes :)--

  2. Anonymous2/14/2009

    Wait a second. Stop the presses! Is there subtext underneath the fact that you posted this on Valentine's Day? Am I the "Sir?" And what kind of love is it? And the LA Times edited out your "cosmic" quote. Sheesh. -- Your student PK