The Watchyoowant Watchyoowant Thread; or: I Rest, You Write

I just now updated my status on Facebook to read, "Prince Gomolvilas is crazy busy. Like a crack whore on a Friday night." Because I am. By this weekend, I have to turn in the production draft of a script, lesson plan for the first session of my new rewriting workshop, and read three plays—while attempting to cram in three different parties in three different parts of town. So: I am taking the rest of this week off from Bamboo Nation.

In the meantime, this post is directly soliciting your comments that will help continue to shape this blog. 1.) I would like to know what kinds of posts you especially enjoy here on Bamboo Nation—this will help me know that I should keep on creating them, and 2.) I would like to know what kinds of posts you would like to see more of in 2009: more movie reviews? theater talk? music videos? writing tips? life advice? gay shit? what, what, what? This blog has seen an incredible amount of growth since the beginning of this year—the number of people who visit here has doubled!—and I would like to keep that momentum going. Help me out by letting me know what you think.

I shall return Monday-ish with a fresh batch of unbridled entertainment, including a brand new Pork Chop movie titled "Pork Chop Tries to Open a Container of Catnip." See you next week!


  1. What brought me here was the Writer's Tips... and will always keep me here. But boy, do I love your kick-ass sense of humor that shows up in your choice of videos -- quick giggles in my day, and your take on topical issues. (I got most of my Sarah Palin/election info here.) Also love Asian stuff and anything about your family, including the now famous Pork Chop. :)

  2. Theatre talk, writing tips, movie reviews, more Prince, more Prince, more Prince!

  3. I was about to write pretty much the exact same comment as InnocentWhenYouDream, so instead I'll write a haiku:

    Prince: A busy crack whore
    Has too much whoring to do
    Bitch better have cash

  4. You need more pictures of cracked out barbie. It's a sure winner.

  5. #1 more Pork Chop!

    and I appreciate the humorous clips.

    Life advice never hurts, it seems to be relevant when I most need some bucking-up!

    I have a feeling Barbie will be appearing on Bamboo Nation a lot more in '09.

    Good luck with your parties and writing.


  6. D, All of the above!
    I love it all. Well, not all equally, but yes all of it. Or in the words of the great stoner hippy "it's all good man" not sure where the ...'s should go in there.

    One thing I would like is an explanation of how republicans think, it's just so damn hard to understand them...

  7. Anonymous2/19/2009

    I'd say it's the whole package, but I don't think that will be very helpful to you. So more specifically, I like reading a writer's observations about writing, and I like your film reviews and silly contests. I like many though not all of the quirky videos you post, so I'll try to break it down: I LOVE PORKCHOP, and I like amusing Christian musical performances and the Asian cartoons you've posted. I'm indifferent to your more overtly political content and to theater posts (sorry, I know how much theater means to you). Also, I enjoy hearing about your obsession with HSM periodically. Thank you for the distraction.

  8. Pork Chop Videos,
    Writing Tips,
    Life Advice

  9. I really enjoy the stories and anecdotes from your life... black levels, the ones starring that awesome blonde guy. Those are my favorite.

  10. Hrm... Since you basically single-handedly started my Zefron mini-obsession, you need to follow that boy more closely. And maybe less silly videos, more of your own biting wit.

    And maybe have Loren blog about black levels. :)

  11. O, definitely your potty-mouthed cultural critiques. Plus Pork Chop!

  12. Gay stuff. I mean vagina. Mention vagina more often.

  13. Also, I LOVE the Pork Chop videos.

  14. Anonymous2/28/2009

    Delayed response - I know

    I'm based in Sydney & stumbled across your blog in late 08 when I was looking for an alternative coverage on the US election. Since then, it's one of my regulars when I want a distraction or different perspective. It's not the content itself that brings me back but who you are and the way you see things. A few of my friends are now also fans.