31 Days to Build a Better Blog: Who's In?

As you may know, I am most appreciative of the unquantifiable rewards of writing this blog: it gets my creative juices flowing daily; it teaches me the value of routine; it gives me a global platform to entertain the public; it has led to new friendships; it has been an incredible networking and marketing tool; and, simply, it makes me seem way cooler than I actually am. (See how cool it is to claim how uncool you are? Learn from me, people!)

But I must point out that Bamboo Nation has reached a kind of milestone. Ever since I started experimenting with advertising, this blog has finally earned its first—are you ready for this?!—one hundred whopping dollars from Google's Adsense program! For those of you who think that's easy, well, do you know how many fucking people have to click on the ads on this blog to reach $100 worth of revenue? A shitload! And Google doesn't pay out a dime to you until you hit that magic 100 number. I can't wait to get my hundred bucks so that I can change them into one-dollar bills and hit a stripper bar.

Anyway, as you may also know, I'm constantly trying to improve Bamboo Nation. You've witnessed me playing around with content and layout and overall philosophy on a regular basis. It's my aim not only to increase both the unquantifiable—and now monetary—rewards of this blog, but also to improve my readers' experience with it.

So I was jazzed to learn about Problogger's 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, a daily challenge starting on April 1 that's meant to help you, well, build a better blog. I know that many of Bamboo Nation's readers are bloggers themselves, so why don't you all join me on this cool one-month journey?

Register here.

[Thanks to Annie at It's Not the Thing You Fling, It's the Fling Itself for sending me this.]


  1. I've never been so proud to be part of a shitload.

  2. You, go, Bamboo Nation!

    That's a major $100! You need to frame it, right?

    And what's this "oh...I'm not really cool," shit?!

    Fuck that noise.

    Honey, if YOU'RE not cool then that means people like me should just go stick our heads in ovens.

    Will check out your suggestion and may join you if it sounds right.

    Thanks for thinking of your cyber homies.

    xo Louise on the left

  3. By the way, I should have signed my last comment

    "Yours Truly,

    --Google Adsense earnings to date, $31.39"