The Ayds Diet Plan

Back in the early 1980s, this TV commercial probably elicited chuckles for its bad acting. But ever since a certain disease co-opted a particular vocabulary word (and its homonyms), the ad now reaches a new level of amusement. Watch:

And when's the last time the word "homonym" crossed your mind? For me, it might be at least a decade.

Please. Keep this word in circulation. Use it sometime this week. Thank you.


  1. HOMONYM! I teach my kids that word all the time, and we practice thinking of them and coming up with multiple definitions! Ain't being a speech therapist great?

  2. You are very well-educated! I'm impressed!

  3. If you can believe it, despite my perpetually youthful appearance, I remember when these commercials were on TV. And I remember awkwardness when AIDS started working its way into the lexicon.

    You kinda had to feel bad for the makers of Ayds. They just picked the wrong name at the wrong time.

    I'm trying to to be clever now and think of a funny similar scenario, but all I can think of is Sarah Silverman and "No I can't, sir." Like this: