A Camera Gets Placed on a Sushi Bar Conveyor Belt and Watches the Customers

At seven epic minutes, some of you may find this video utterly boring—after all, it's just a camera placed on one of those conveyor belts that wrap around a sushi bar in Japan. But I think it's strangely mesmerizing—we get to see the camera creep up on a wide array of Japanese customers eating and their genuine reactions to being recorded. There are also a few great surprises—the running waitress at 2:41, the drama in the kitchen at 5:15, etc. This is definitely worth the price of admission. Watch:

[Thanks to MK for sending me this.]


  1. Anonymous3/05/2009

    this is amazing.
    when it got to the kitchen i was jumping out of my seat. total hitchcock.

  2. GAH! I am so not a fan of being photographed or video taped by strangers. ugh. I would have been livid and taken that camera and deleted everything on it.

    OMG. WHAT IF someone was cheating and totally gets busted by this video?

  3. I can totally see this concept being made into a completely awesome music video. Michel Gondry anyone?

    Also, how much would it suck to try that and lose a camera.

    Third, pretty sneaky move if you're the health inspector.

  4. That was fascinating. I'd be so worried it'd get stolen, but maybe it's different over there! Also it looks like at the end they had an accomplice or someone watching it go around... it's probably the only way it made it through the kitchen!

  5. You know, that sushi bar should set a camera there every day during business hours and stream the video live on the web. I would check in periodically to see what's going on, wouldn't you?