Drunk Girls at Theater

Those of you familiar with Impact Theatre's performance space—the basement of a pizza parlor in Berkeley—know how fun it can be to watch plays while downing slices and drinking beer. (In fact, some of you have seen Jukebox Stories there, intoxicated, and that's the way Brandon and I like it.)

Well, the other night, Impact had to toss a drunk girl out onto the street! Wow! Exciting things happen even after I am gone!

Read more about it here.


  1. wow. I've been meaning to go see that show and I'm ashamed I haven't made it yet. Sounds like I missed a good night to go!

  2. When I was in college, my friend and I brought take-out to our other friend's show and she told us we were rude. I'm glad you guys are cool about stuff like that.

  3. TBP, you missed drunk girls night, which should be the only night that a guy like you should go!

    Cheryl, did your take-out include crunchy Cheetos?