Expediter of Dreams

Several months ago I gave away free tickets to the 99¢ Only Calendar Girl Competition, which ran at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles.

The winner of the first pair of tickets was Quin of FMD, who decided to bring Peter of Plastic Bubble World. Well, through a perfect set of circumstances, Peter has been cast in the show, which has a return engagement March 6 through 29! Yes, like Bill Murray in Mad Dog and Glory, I'm an expediter of dreams! (Man, now there's an obscure reference.)

The winner of the second pair of tickets was Brent, who wrote me a review of the show, which gives me even more reason to put down my CTU bag, get out of my house, and go:

Ken Roht’s 99¢ Only Calendar Competition is a trip to another planet. Every last stitch of costume and set decoration is made exclusively of items purchased from the 99¢ Only Store, and I swear to god, when Miss January through Miss December come out for the first time, you’ll swear there are more than twelve months in a year; it’s just that overwhelming.

For numerous reasons, it might not be right to call it a drag show, though the high camp and high hair certainly qualify it in my book. But unlike typical drag, which is often heavy with burlesque and improv, this is definitely much more, with beautiful music and singing and dancing.

In the end, it’s a parody of a beauty pageant, but certainly not a direct parody. There is no narrative, really, and the sequence of events is often vague. As a Beauty Pageant, its the last place you’d expect to see Bollywood and Biochemistry side by side. But you do. And you don’t question it.

You are immersed in a weird world of color and song and comedy and beauty, and the only connection you maintain with the world outside is the sudden recognition of the same laundry basket you have at home in its dazzling new incarnation.


by Ken Roht

March 6, 2009-March 26, 2009
Fridays & Saturdays @ 8:00 p.m.
Sundays @ 2:00 p.m.


Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90057

For more information and tickets, visit Bootleg Theater.


  1. I was the proud beneficiary of Brent's guest ticket and I though it was fabulous as well! Thank you so much!

  2. Ken Roht is a genius. A demented and brilliant and alarmingly talented genius. Wish I could have gotten down there to see his latest escapade.

  3. Wow! All these accolades! I will definitely have to go then.