Going Under-Color

On Friday, Gabriel took me to opening night of Outfest's Fusion 2009: The Los Angeles LGBT People of Color Film Festival.

When he walked up to the entranceway of the Egyptian Theatre, where I was waiting, I said, "Hey, wait a minute, you're not an LGBT people of color!" He smiled, and I realized that one of the reasons I was invited was to pull attention from the fact that Gabriel is whiter than a polar bear in the snow and to ensure that he didn't get hate-crimed by minorities like me. When whitey comes to our events and eats our food, we tend to initiate a beat down.

My favorite films in the evening's shorts program was Mi-rang Lee's The Bath, a lovely Korean movie about a transgender woman's relationship with her sister and mother, and Amanda Micheli and Isabel Vega's La Corona, a rich documentary about a female prison beauty pageant. (Yes, I said "female prison beauty pageant," and, yes, some of the contestants are murderers.) Keep these shorts on your radar for future reference.

At the after-party (where I shoveled Indian food into my mouth like a slumdog millionaire who was pre-millionaire), we bumped into Mike Roth—check out his really moving and fascinating documentary, Saving Marriage, which traces the fight for gay marriage in Massachusetts—as well as Barney Cheng, who's appeared in two of my plays in New York—check out his scene-stealing turn in Woody Allen's Hollywood Ending. (Read a terrific interview with him here—he talks about the film and working with Woody Allen.)

Sometimes it's fun being a people of color. Ask Gabriel.


  1. am I a people of color?

  2. is there a link to the issue of EW featuring porkchop somewhere?

  3. Hahahahaha!! Whiter than a polar bear in the snow!! Holy fuck, I am soooo using that line.