I've Already Listened to Bright Eyes' New Song Three Times, and I Cannot Stop

Bright Eyes* is now streaming a new single, "Slowly (Oh So Slowly)," for free online! It's from his soon-to-be released album, Outer South, and it's superb. I mean, fuck, just look at this first verse:

Potential, well, you're a loaded line
The veil between the world and the faceless bride

There's nothing yet but a bunch of white
Oh, potential, you're a loaded line

Listen to "Slowly (Oh So Slowly)."

[*I refuse to call Conor Oberst "Conor Oberst" and will refer to him only as "Bright Eyes."]

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  1. Forgot to leave a comment this morning.

    I adore -- LOVE -- this song!

    Thank you finding and sharing.

    I love it so much I stole it from you to throw on my own blog.

    xoxoxo louise